I had severe knee pain consultanted doctor Swagatesh he suggested Prp Injection ,after taking first Injection my pain has reduced 70 percent . I took two weeks of physiotherapy and. Harini helped me with good strengthing exercise and she took care of me,. Highly recommend their physiotherapy.

sumathi shankar

My OA knee is grade 4, and I was searching for an option because I am highly sceptical of surgery. That was when I learned about Alleviate Clinic. I am amazed by the doctor’s expertise and the thoroughness with which she explained the PRP injection to me. I no longer feel as much discomfort, my pain is almost 60% less. With gratitude to all the staff of Alleviate. For those seeking pain relief, this is a must visit.


My mother 84 years, was suffering from knee pain and did not want surgery. Met Dr. Swgatesh and mother was convinced with the treatment he explained. It turned out be the right decision, her pain has reduced by over 70%, she is able to go on her walks, exercise, and, with Ms. Pooja’s dietary inputs she has now lost about 5 kgs. Roja at the clinic was always there to help. Rejo with physio therapy did a great job. I think the whole team is wonderful

Chandu Rajanna

One of the best Pain management clinics in Bangalore. We reached out to them for severe knee pain which had burning sensation too. The way they treat patients and explaining things in very detail of the causes of the issue and suggesting treatments accordingly is the one which I loved very much. We were suggested for knee PRP and we are done with 2 sessions of it and pains in knee and leg are much better now Thank you Dr.Roshan Adappa 🙏 Thank you team Alleviate🙏

Avinash Avin

My mom was suffering from knee pain from past three years, I had taken treatment all over, but in vain, the doctor recomended surgery, I got to know PRP treatment though a post and consulted Alleviate, They offered the treatment,it was three sitting , we could feel the recovery in the first sitting..after three sitting she completely recoved. Thank you team..

sudev suchan

I was suffering with knee pain for quite a lot of time and then a friend of mine had referred me to Dr. Faraz Ahmed from alleviate.. I visited him regarding this issue.. him and his team very patiently explained the procedure.. I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella.. I was treated with 3 sessions of prp and within a span of 3 months I saw very visible results and now I’m completely free of pain.. highly recommend this clinic.