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Knee Bursitis

Knee Bursitis

What is Knee Bursitis?

Knee bursitis is inflammation of a small fluid-filled sac (bursa) situated near your knee joint. Bursae reduce friction and cushion pressure points between your bones and the tendons, muscles and skin near your joints.

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Any of the bursa in your knee can become inflamed, but knee bursitis most commonly occurs over the kneecap or on the inner side of your knee below the joint.

Knee bursitis causes pain and can limit your mobility. Treatment for knee bursitis often includes a combination of self-care practices and doctor-administered treatments to alleviate pain and inflammation.


  • What are the symptoms of Knee Bursitis?

    • Knee bursitis signs and symptoms vary, depending on which bursa is affected and what’s causing the inflammation.In general, the affected portion of your knee might feel warm, tender and swollen when you put pressure on it. You might also feel pain when you move or even at rest.A sharp blow to the knee can cause symptoms to appear rapidly. But most cases of knee bursitis result from friction and irritation of the bursa that occurs in jobs that require a lot of kneeling on hard surfaces — so symptoms usually begin gradually and can worsen over time.
  • What do I do next?

    The first step in treating Knee Bursitis is to make an appointment to see a doctor who specializes in Sports Medicine and knee injuries for a diagnosis and to learn your treatment options.
    Treatment for Knee Bursitis differs depending on the severity of the inflammation, but may include anti-inflammatory medication, Physical Therapy and stretching exercises.
    At Alleviate, personalized treatment plans for knee injuries or sports injuries are designed for each individual patient by our expert staff.

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