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Post Laminectomy Syndrome

Post Laminectomy Syndrome

What is Post-Laminectomy Syndrome?

Are you seeking a pain management doctor in Bangalore? You could be seeking one due to surgery which has failed to reduce or eliminate back pain. Such a result is referred to as post-laminectomy syndrome (or ‘failed back syndrome’).

If you are suffering from failed back syndrome, there is hope. When diagnosed by a pain management specialist, post-laminectomy syndrome can be managed and treated.

Typically, the nature of the pain experienced by patients with post-laminectomy syndrome correlates with the underlying pathology. One type of post laminectomy pain is neuropathic pain, which is caused initially by primary injury to the nervous system. In patients with post-laminectomy syndrome, the original spinal disorder that caused the nerve injury prior to surgery may cause neuropathic pain to return. Another type of pain that may persist after back surgery is radicular pain, or shooting pain that travels along the dermatome or sensory distribution of a nerve due to inflammation or other irritation of the nerve root. Initially, nerve root irritation may arise from a spinal disc herniation, or torn or bulging disc. Eventually, neuropathic and radicular pain can result in central sensitization of nervous tissues, or harmful changes to pain receptors. Treatments for this syndrome can range from medication and physical therapy, and even additional surgery if the pain is too great. It is crucial to seek a pain management doctor because an accurate diagnosis is imperative. A precise diagnosis is necessary to facilitate an effective plan of treatment. An evaluation may include x-rays, MRIs, EMGs, and other means of identification. After identifying the source of your ailment, a treatment plan can be prescribed and implemented.

Some people are hesitant to seek professional help because of their fear of more surgery. Each case is specific, yet further surgery may not be needed. A pain management specialist may implement other forms of remedy such as physical therapy, medicines, and exercises. Such techniques may promote complete and permanent improvement of failed back syndrome.

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