Patients who are dealing with headaches, Pain at the back of the head know that Alleviate is here to help. Widely known in Bangalore as the top provider of relief for sufferers of tension headaches, pain at the back of the head, migraines and headaches caused by whiplash, many have turned to our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff for their pain relief needs.

Headaches can affect the quality of a person’s life if left untreated, or treated improperly. Headaches are typically are not dangerous but can severely impact a person’s ability to live a normal daily life depending on the severity of their condition. The first step is always to get proper diagnoses for your migraine or headache pain. The triggers that can set off headaches or migraines are unique for every person.

Year after year, thousands of active adults undergo pain management treatments to ease their headache pain. If you are suffering from chronic headaches, and have tried treatments that have not worked in the past, call us at Alleviate, we will work with you to find an individualized treatment plan for you.
Below is a list of some types of headache-related pain treated at Alleviate. Don’t see a condition listed? Contact us to see how we can help you.

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