Cooled RF is an advancement of traditional radiofrequency ablation – a recognized treatment for spine pain, except with Cooled RF physicians have a larger treatment area to work with which increases accuracy, reduces the risk of damaging adjacent tissues, and expands the treatment option for hip and knee pain, as well as back pain.

Cooled RF is designed to treat complicated and variable nerves through large volume, spherical lesions. Water is circulated through the device while nervous tissue is heated, creating a treatment area larger than with traditional RF treatments. Using radiofrequency energy, the sensory nerves causing pain are targeted, sparing excessive heating or damage to adjacent tissue.

The cooled radiofrequency procedure, although surgical, is fairly simple. In fact, it is often performed using only local anesthetic. During the procedure, a small needle will be inserted into the nerves where pain signals are originating. Then, we will apply controlled, cooled radiofrequency energy to the nerves using this needle. This process heats and damages the nerves, preventing them from sending pain signals through the body. Since this treatment offers a cooling component, we are able to treat a larger area without compromising safety, which improves the results of treatment. The cooled radiofrequency treatment takes about an hour to perform.


  • What is Recovery Like After Cooled Radiofrequency?

    After cooled radiofrequency, patients are encouraged to take at least a day off of normal activities. Exercise, heavy lifting, and other strenuous activities should be avoided for at least a few days. You may notice some swelling, soreness or bruising in the treatment area, but these symptoms should fade shortly after treatment.

  • What Kind of Results Can I Achieve from Cooled Radiofrequency?

    After cooled radiofrequency, the nerves are no longer able to transmit pain signals to the brain. This means you should notice an improvement in your pain levels as soon as immediately after your procedure. The body heals itself over time, meaning that your nerves will regenerate and some pain may return. However, most patients enjoy the results from their cooled radiofrequency treatment for a year or longer. The procedure can be repeated as needed.

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