Difficulty in Moving the Neck

Pain in the neck region usually occurs due to the overuse of the muscles, excess stretching, or straining. The pain can be mild to severe that can be difficulty in moving the neck. Neck pain can cause due to poor sitting posture, abrupt or sudden movement, bending your neck for a long time, or can even occur due to constant position. The pain in the neck will have affect movement that can also result in head and shoulder pain.

The pain can cause stiffness, and a person will have difficulty moving the neck. The combination of the neck pain can even lead to a greater amount of stress in moving sideways or upwards resulting in some sort of soreness in the neck. If not getting proper treatment on time, the situation can worsen.

Problems Affecting Neck Movements

Usually, neck pain can cause because of injury in a joint or disk, and one cannot move the neck. The pain can elevate to any extent of barely moving the neck in any direction. Time of the pain is uncertain, ranging from mild to worst.

Any trauma due to neck pain caused by an injury or whiplash might lead to severe consequences as there will be a muscle strain or ligament tear, soft tissue sprain, or disease. Most of the neck pain can subside itself and heal quickly. Sometimes, neck pain can be longer and can affect mobility resulting in difficulty in titling the neck. The damage or the magnitude of the neck pain should be ascertained through a complete diagnosis process from the best neck pain management specialist.


Getting a consultation with an experienced pain management doctor for the neck can help you ease the pain through a non-surgical approach. Your doctor will prescribe one or more treatment methods or a combo with a complete non-surgical process.


If you are having difficulty in moving the neck, your doctor will diagnose your condition before initiating appropriate treatment. Some of the treatments to reduce muscle strain, stiffness, and to increase neck movement are as follows:

  • Ice packs and heat pads: Applying ice packs will reduce inflammation, minimizes pain, and helps towards the healing process that allows your neck to relax and increase movement. The number of sessions/intervals will be determined by your doctor depending on the treatment progress. Whereas the application of heat reduces swelling and pain, stimulates relaxation. This technique will relieve you from numbness or stiffness.
  • Medications: Your doctor will prescribe over-the-counter medications such as naproxen and ibuprofen to reduce inflammation, eventually reducing pain.
  • Massage or Physical Therapy: A mild neck exercise or massage will help in getting rid of neck pain, stimulates blood flow, which in turn helps in increasing neck mobility.

Alleviate Pain Clinic customized treatment plans for chronic pain restore neck movement, decrease the pain, and improvise functionality. We have successfully treated patients having pain associated with the neck by our experienced pain management specialists.

If you are having difficulty in moving the neck, contact Alleviate Pain Clinic to book an appointment.