Left Shoulder Pain Treatment

Joint pain involving left shoulder pain is a common problem that can affect anyone. The pain may involve muscles, cartilages, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. It can also be associated with the shoulder blade, neck, upper arm, and left side of the hand. Several reasons might cause left shoulder pain, and getting early treatment can have high recovery chances.

Pain on the left side of the shoulder occurs for various reasons. Overuse of daily activities can cause uneasiness in your shoulder. Other reasons might include chronic conditions such as arthritis that affects the movement or functionality of your shoulder. Consulting with the best pain management specialist helps to detect the root cause of the left shoulder pain.

What causes Left Shoulder Pain

The damage to the soft tissue is also one of the main causes of left shoulder pain. Some of the causes include of the soft tissue damage are as follows:

  • shoulder tendonitis
  • shoulder Bursitis
  • rotator cuff muscle damage
  • trigger points
  • labrum tear
  • frozen Shoulder
  • shoulder fracture
  • shoulder arthritis
  • dislocation of shoulder

Left Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of left shoulder pain cannot be ignored and you to seek immediate medical attention to worsen the situation. Symptoms the accompany pain on the left shoulder includes:

  • Intense pain around the shoulder, back and neck
  • Difficulty in movement like swinging,
  • Swelling around the shoulder joint
  • Weakness or numbness of arm or hand
  • Deformed shoulder

Left Shoulder Pain Diagnosis

Seeking medical help will help in getting a physical examination of the left shoulder to diagnose and determine the treatment process. Your doctor recommends X-rays, scans – MRI and CT scan, and Electromyography (EMG).

Treatment for Left Shoulder Pain

High success rate for left shoulder pain treatment is with non-surgical techniques. With experienced pain management specialist doctors, patients can expect achievable with the desire results.

  • Regenerative medicine – Stem cell therapy is performed for the injured shoulder. It also helps in treating inflamed tendons or ligaments. With stem cell therapy, it uses its own body’s stem cells to treat a damaged shoulder. It is a non-surgical procedure and is a widely used therapy used by doctors.
  • Nerve Blocks – or never block Injection is administered to the nerves or nerve joints to stress to block the pain, worsening the inflammation and relieving the stress. Nerve blocks are given along with local anesthesia, and the sessions can be repeated based on the progress.
  • Hydrodilatation – Hydrodilatation of the shoulder joint is a procedure where a fine needle is placed into the shoulder joint using an X-ray or Ultrasound to guide the location. The injection of corticosteroid is a pain reliever, and sometimes sterile water is given to stretch the joint capsule.
  • Exercise and Physical Therapy – The therapy is designed to minimize the pain, increase functionality and gain flexibility for the affected area. Massage and stretches help in relaxing the muscle with the techniques provided by the physiotherapist.
  • Medications – Over-the-counter Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are prescribed by pain management specialists to ease the pain or discomfort of the left shoulder pain.

The main reason is to consult with the pain management specialist for the left shoulder pain treatment to minimize the pain and restore the functioning of the shoulder. At Alleviate Pain Clinic, we have highly qualified and experienced doctors who have successfully treated many patients associated with left shoulder pain.

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