Pain at the side of the neck

Pain at the side of the neck can occur due to various causes. A person can feel the pain due to muscle strains, neck-related headaches are often, sprains and tears, tendons on the side, and worn joints. Pain on the sides of the neck can also cause due to injuries, and injuries can be based on different factors. It can also be poor sitting posture without any movement for a longer time.
In most cases, neck pain isn’t any serious issue. But sometimes, neck pain can be escalating and more likely to worsen the condition.
Even if the pain has just started or mild, you need to instantly seek consultation from the top neck pain specialist for an early-stage diagnosis.

Causes of Neck Pain

Pain at the side of the neck can be due to a variety of conditions. Prolonged straining, sleeping in an uncomfortable posture, stress, and chiropractic manipulation alleviates neck pain.

Prominent causes for Pain at the side of the neck conditions are:

  • inflammation due to injury or infection
  • muscle strain
  • pinche nerve (cervical radiculopathy) – a pain that occurs on a nerve in the neck
  • whiplash – when you suddenly move your head
  • acute torticollis – also known as wry neck occurs due to problems in the muscular or bone structure
  • cervical degenerative disc disease – the cervical degenerative disc is caused due by less flexibility in discs, eventually leading to stiff neck and the pain develops gradually
  • herniated cervical disc – neck pain related to the herniated cervical disc occurs can be mild to service due to result of the inflammation and swelling caused by cervical disc tears on a protective layer

Arthritis on the neck, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, and Nerve Impingement are the other causes that result in neck pain, numbness, stiffness, and inflammatory pain at the side of the neck.

You need immediate consultation

Pain at the side of the neck is something that cannot be overlooked. It may take a few hours, days, weeks, or months to subside. Furthermore, neck pain can sometimes be associated with headaches, stress, shoulder pain, and arms. Certain pain medications can ease your pain, but the pain may again start to recede.

Getting medical intervention at an early stage will always help to evade the condition.

If you are feeling pain, numbness, or tingling sensation in your neck, immediately book an appointment with the doctor. You can even feel the pain running down your arms or legs. Evaluation from the best neck pain doctor will determine the best treatment approach.

Diagnose your neck pain

Discuss your neck pain when you first see your doctor. You will be undergoing the examination, areas that causing pain, checking the condition of the swelling, numbness, and weakness. Your doctor will be reviewing your medical history and conduct tests for the neck pain condition.

You will have to undergo recommended tests such as X-rays, MRI, and CT scans to evaluate your condition and start the treatment process.

Get started with the treatment

Personalized neck pain treatment plans are designated for each patient by the finest neck pain doctors at Alleviate Pain Clinic. Our pain specialist will evaluate the condition of the neck, range of motion, stiffness, and numbness or weakness associated with the pain.

Our Alleviate clinic is highly specialized in providing non-surgical pain treatments such as Physical therapy, Facet injections, and Trigger Point Injections.

Book an appointment today if you are having pain at the side of the neck and get treated by our experienced doctors in Bangalore.