Right Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder pain involving joints pain has become common among people. It can affect both men and women. Often if the pain worsens, it affects mobility and decreases functionality creating stressful pain. If not treated right shoulder pain on time can lead to severe complications. Seeking immediate medical attention for right-hand shoulder pain can detect the exact root cause of the pain. Further diagnosing will determine the best treatment procedure.

Many conditions of shoulder pain are associated with several joints with tendons, muscles, cartilages, ligaments, and nerves. The pain can affect surrounding areas of the shoulder blade, neck, upper arm, and right side of the hand. Getting early treatment helps in high recovery chances in relieving the pain, and you can get back to normal activities like before.

What causes Right Shoulder Pain

The cause of right shoulder pain indicates instability of the soft tissue or bony structures, leading to pain. You will feel pain while moving your shoulder, or even when you are constant. The pain can be temporary, or it may prolong. It is advisable to contact your nearest doctor for a right shoulder pain consultation. The common causes of right shoulder pain are as follows:

What causes myofascial pain syndrome?

A trigger point in the upper back can occur due to various causes that include muscle overuse or injuries in the sensitive areas. It may not be a single factor and can be a combination of poor sitting posture, lifting heavy objects, etc. If the pain persists for a long-time, then you need to instantly see the doctor.

  • rotator cuff tear
  • shoulder arthritis
  • shoulder tendonitis
  • shoulder bursitis
  • trigger points
  • shoulder fracture
  • frozen shoulder
  • shoulder dislocation
  • labrum tear

Right Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Once you feel the signs and symptoms of right shoulder pain, you need to consult with a pain management specialist before the condition worsens. Some of the symptoms that accompany pain on the right shoulder are:

  • mild to severe pain around in and around the shoulder, back, and neck
  • having difficulty in moving or swinging
  • swelling at the shoulder joint
  • weakness or numbness of arm or hand
  • shoulder deformity
  • unable to perform daily activities

Diagnosing Right Shoulder Pain

Before initiating any procedure, diagnosis of the right shoulder pain will help to determine the best treatment for the shoulder pain. Your doctor will recommend you to undergo tests such as X-ray, MRI scan, CT scan, and Electromyography (EMG). Discuss your medical history (if any) with your doctor.

Treatment for Right Shoulder Pain

Most right shoulder pain treatments yield a high success rate through non-surgical procedures.

  • Regenerative medicine – Stem cell therapy is a 100% non-surgical procedure that acts as a healing agent for the inflamed tendons or ligaments. It helps in repairing the damaged tissue of the shoulder by using stem cells from the own body.
  • Nerve blocks – The nerve blocks treatment is the most effective and safest treatment performed by using nerve block injection to the nerves or nerve joints. It helps in blocking the pain, reduces inflammation, and relieves stress. Nerve blocks are injected along with local anesthesia.
  • Hydrodilatation – Hydrodilatation treatment is recommended for frozen shoulder, stiffness, and shoulder joint pain. A fine needle is injected into the shoulder joint with the help of an X-ray or Ultrasound to detect the location. Injection of corticosteroid helps in relieving the pain, and sterile water is also given to relieve the stiffness.
  • Exercise and Physical Therapy – It is a well-designated and natural way of minimizing pain. The main goal is to maximize functionality, increase flexibility, and reduce discomfort. Massage techniques and stretches help in soothing the muscle.
  • Medications – Painkillers and medications such as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are prescribed by pain management specialists for reducing right shoulder pain.

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