Trigger Point in the upper back

Trigger point is usually caused due to strain or strain on the muscles. Typically, it spreads pain across the upper back, neck, and shoulders. People with neck pain often complain about chronic pain – trigger point or myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) that affects the sensitive areas in the musculoskeletal system. Sometimes the pain causes by unrelated parts of the body and is known as referred pain.

Muscle pain persists for some days and resolves on its own. But for some people, the trigger point in the upper back will prolong. People experience muscle tension pain, feel discomfort associated with myofascial pain syndrome.

Most people with muscle pain at some time typically resolve on their own after a few weeks. But for some people, muscle pain persists or even worsens the condition.

Signs and Symptoms

People with myofascial pain syndrome often show symptoms that might include:

  • deep, aching pain occurs in the localized areas of muscles
  • although pain can heal, for some people, it may continue or even worsens
  • signs of painful knots in the muscles due to intense localized or referred pain
  • having difficulty in sleeping due to pain

What causes myofascial pain syndrome?

A trigger point in the upper back can occur due to various causes that include muscle overuse or injuries in the sensitive areas. It may not be a single factor and can be a combination of poor sitting posture, lifting heavy objects, etc. If the pain persists for a long-time, then you need to instantly see the doctor.

When to consult with the doctor?

If you are experiencing any myofascial pain syndrome signs and symptoms or experiencing muscle pain, you need to consult with the doctor. A doctor will diagnose your condition, and you may have to undergo prescribed tests by the doctor. Making an appointment with a pain specialist doctor will have higher chances of getting the desire results. You may have to undergo a physical examination, and your doctor will also gently press the affected area to find the muscle pain.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome Treatment

Treatment for trigger Point in the upper back (myofascial pain syndrome) includes various options such as medications, physical therapies, or trigger point injections. Physical activity such as exercise is also part of the treatment options included by highly experienced doctors. Most reputed doctors will prescribe either one treatment option or a combination of different treatment approaches to relieve the pain and get back to routine activity.

Best Treatment Center for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

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Treatment plans are designed and personalized to help patients:

  • in improving mobility and flexibility
  • in minimizing pain and maximizing stability
  • in getting back their normal daily activities

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