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Myofascial Pain Syndrome / Trigger points

Myofascial Pain Syndrome/ Trigger points

What is Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder. In this condition, pressure on sensitive points in your muscles (trigger points) causes pain in the muscle and sometimes in seemingly unrelated parts of your body. This is called referred pain.

This syndrome typically occurs after a muscle has been contracted repetitively. This can be caused by repetitive motions used in jobs or hobbies or by stress-related muscle tension.

While nearly everyone has experienced muscle tension pain, the discomfort associated with myofascial pain syndrome persists or worsens. Treatment options include physical therapy and trigger point injections. Pain medications and relaxation techniques also can help provide temporary relief.



  • Signs and symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome may include:

    • Deep, aching pain in a muscle
    • Pain that persists or worsens
    • A tender knot in a muscle
    • Difficulty sleeping due to pain
  • What treatments are available for Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

    At Alleviate, personalized treatment plans are designed for each individual patient by our expert staff. Some of the treatment options for Myofascial Pain Syndrome at Alleviate include Physical Therapy programs and Trigger Point Injections.

    Treatment for myofascial pain syndrome typically includes medications, trigger point injections or physical therapy. No conclusive evidence supports using one therapy over another, but exercise is considered an important component of any treatment program. Discuss your options and treatment preferences with your doctor. You may need to try more than one approach to find pain relief.

  • What do I do next?

    The first step in treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome is to make an appointment to see a Pain Specialist to learn your treatment options.

Treatment for Myofascial Pain Syndrome / Trigger points

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