Back Pain Treatment — The Beginning and The End

Back pain is a common symptom that affects 8 out of 10 grown-ups. Back Pain Treatment causes may vary, along with the intensity, however, answers are limited. Now, Alleviate Pain Management Clinic in Bangalore has answers.

For many, back pain is an issue that leaves them crippled from performing day-to-day activities.
Sometimes, even simple tasks such as bending over to pick up something can be a tedious
the task, while for others, carrying objects, or even sitting down can be difficult.

Back pain is a common symptom that affects nearly 8 out of 10 adults and the magnitude can vary depending on the person, along with symptoms and the seriousness. Many searches for
answers in vain, often opting for expensive surgeries that have no definite cure, while others
learn to live with it, having given up hope.

What Causes of back pain?

Back pain may be caused due to a wide variety of reasons — strain on the muscle or ligament,
injuries sustained, lifting heavy objects, sitting or lying down for a prolonged time, or even wearing an ill-fitting backpack amongst others. Causes can even be cases of slipped disc, in which case, treatment for back pain is crucial.

More serious causes for back pain could include:

Arthritis: In some cases, arthritis can affect the spine, causing back pain. This causes a condition called ‘Spinal Stenosis’, which leads to the narrowing of the space around the spinal cord, causing pain.

Skeletal irregularities: Cases such as these occur when the spine curves to a side, causing pain. This symptom called scoliosis usually occurs to people in their middle age.

Slipped disc: A slipped disc can exert extra pressure on the nerves and muscles around it,
causing numbness or weakness in the arm or leg. Over 10 million cases of slipped discs are reported per year, making it a common problem.

There are other factors as well, such as age as well as smoking, which reduces the flow of blood to the lower back, keeping your body from delivering the required nutrients to the discs in the back. Smoking also prevents your body from healing, in most cases, slowing down the process.

Symptoms of back pain

Symptoms of back pain include muscle pain in the back, upper or lower region and shooting or stabbing pain along the spine, sometimes radiating towards your legs. Even simple tasks such as bending, lifting, sitting, or standing can cause pain. In more severe cases, one could complain of numbness or feel like their legs have pins and needles.

When to see a doctor?

You need to worry when the pain does not settle after a rest, Causes new bowel or bladder issues, spreads down to one leg or to both, and even if it is accompanied by weight loss. It is crucial to meet the doctor when back pain lasts more than 10 weeks, in which case you need treatment in some form or another.

Also, many settle for home remedies for cases like a slipped disc or other chronic back-related pain, which may not yield the best results. In such cases, professional medical care that specializes in pain management is necessary.

Alleviate – why choose the experts?

Alleviate Pain Management Clinic is based in Bangalore and has multiple branches in the city. Alleviate’s team of doctors specialize in offering pain management solutions without the need for surgery. Over time, patients have received the best pain management treatment for back pain and have been given the freedom of mobility again.

Doctors at Alleviate Pain Clinic use modern regenerative medicine and radiofrequency ablation to help those living their lives in no resolution. The concept of pain management is new, and Alleviate is looking to create awareness in the country.

You can contact Alleviate Pain Clinic either through email, or call them on 080-2361 4888 to
Book Appointment.

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