Restoring Shoulder Range of Motion through Physiotherapy/Exercises

Shoulder range of motion (ROM)

Shoulder range of motion (ROM) is indicative of how far a person can move their shoulder joint. It can include flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation, and external rotation.Often, the shoulder ROM can be affected due to various conditions such as arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, and frozen shoulder. Hence, it can decrease mobility, affects performance in everyday life, and overall reduce the quality of life.

Physiotherapy for Shoulder Range of Motion

Restoring the shoulder’s range of motion is essential for regaining functionality and reducing the risk of further injury. Physiotherapy for shoulder range of motion is the most effective treatment for shoulder pain. Top physiotherapist recommends stretching and strengthening exercises using a support bar.

Shoulder Range of Motion Exercises

  • Stretching exercises to shoulder muscles and tendons
  • Strengthening exercises for improving targeted shoulder muscles.
  • Pendulum exercises involve swinging an arm in a circular motion.
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