Ms. Fareeda is an empathetic, sensitive and patient-centered
Psychologist with 8 years extensive experience in Hospital, Clinic and
Schools settings. She completed her Masters in Psychology from
Bangalore University in 2012.
She focuses on understanding, preventing, and relieving psychological
distress of dysfunction and to promote a feeling of well-being and
personal development.
She has experience in working with patients suffering from a broad
spectrum of different types of developmental delay and psychological
issues such as interpersonal conflicts, emotional disturbances, low self
esteem, anger outburst, depression, anxiety, OCD, personality disorder,
eating disorder, sleep disorder, Intellectual disability, Autism, ADHD and
learning disability.
She conducts various wellness workshops for stress management,
handling interpersonal relationship, effective communication, enhancing
self esteem and relaxation techniques. She also involves in rehabilitation
and early intervention program.
She has worked as a Psychologist for 5 years in Vydehi Institute for
Medical Sciences and Research Center and 3 years experience as life
skills trainer & counselor in Swamy Vivekananda Youth Movement.
Some of the services provided by the doctor are: cognitive
behavioral therapy, social skills training, behavioral modification, psycho-
education & counseling, supportive psychotherapy, stress management,
relaxation therapy, coping with medical conditions, parental guidance
and self help skills training.

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