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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

As any pain sufferer can attest, injury and disease can affect any part of the body at any time. Alleviate, the premiere clinic for pain management in Bangalore, has helped countless patients get relief from chronic pain and movement-restricting ailments.

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While thousands have turned to us for assistance in ending their back and lumbar pain, we also seek to resolve painful injuries which can affect the hands or feet.
Plantar fasciitis, a condition that leads to restrictive movement and constant pain, occurs when the band of tissue that extends from the heel of the foot becomes inflamed. This tissue, medically referred to as the plantar fascia, can become irritated after sustaining extensive strain or tension and may lead to several painful symptoms.
Those patients dealing with plantar fasciitis must often contend with severe pain when walking, running or standing. This condition can be treated with rest, strengthening exercises, PRP Injections and physical rehab.

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