Mid back Pain

Mid Back Pain

What is Mid Back Pain?

While mid back pain is not as common as low back pain, it can be very painful when it does appear.Mid back pain causes pain anywhere from your neck to the bottom of the rib cage.
Middle back pain refers to pain or discomfort in the thoracic spine — the region of the back between the rib cage and the base of the neck. In this region, there are 12 spinal disks, several vertebrae, and many muscles and ligaments. Any of these structures can become irritated or damaged, leading to middle back pain

Mid back pain is less common because the bones in this area are not as involved in movement as the lower back (lumbar). It is very uncommon to develop back and spine conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs or spinal stenosis in the mid back, or thoracic spine.


  • What are the causes of Mid Back Pain?

    Mid back pain, or upper back pain, can be experienced in conjunction with neck pain or shoulder pain. The most common causes of mid back pain include:

    • An injury or trauma to the area
    • Myofascial Pain
    • Muscle strains / Muscle tears
    • Joint Pain
    • Sports injuries

    Myofascial Pain, one of the most common causes of Mid back pain seen at Alleviate, refers to the muscles of the back and is experienced with either overuse of the muscles or underuse of the muscles. This type of pain is commonly seen with athletes or those who are involved in sports and more prone to sports injuries.

  • What treatments are available for Mid Back Pain?

    At Alleviate, personalized treatment plans for mid back pain are designed for each individual patient by our team of Pain Specialists and Spine Specialists.Treatment of mid back pain or upper back pain often involves a combination of Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture.

    Other non-surgical treatments for mid back pain relief include Trigger Point Injections.

  • What do I do for my Mid Back Pain?

    The first step in treating Mid back pain is to make an appointment to see a Back Pain Specialist or Spine Specialist for a diagnosis and to learn your Mid back pain treatment options.

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